PHOTOGRAPHY LIVE AND UNCUT NO. 110 with Alex Lambrechts

In my continuing series of re-inviting some of my past guests, Alex Lambrechts joined me for no. 110.

Alex is never short of a word or two especially when it comes to talking about creating your art as a photographer. He is passionate about this and in his workshops he is always looking to take his attendees out of their comfort zone. I've been there and know what he can achieve! In this show though not only was Alex talking of creating art and moving on with it, never being satisfied to what has been created and looking to learn and improve from shoot to shoot, he also talked (in depth) about his new role as the Photographic Director for the latest magazine to hit the shelves in the UK - The Fall. It's a fascinating concept of a magazine, which you will hear loads about in the show. But suffice to say it is a magazine that in my opinion, all photographers should buy read and study what has and can be achieved. As usual it was a great time talking to Alex.

Thanks Alex

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The Fall (Magazine)


Ted Vieira joined me for show no. 109.

Ted is one of those guys that is so laid back 'cool' and relaxed that it set the scene for an easy conversation... Talking to him is just a joy. In this episode we talked about his love of film photography using his Leica M6, and his Medium format camera the Mamiya c330, also his film preferences. After so many tests his preference for now is Acros, but there are many more he wants to test! His love of film photography is due largely to the Fuji filter options on his Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T2. He says in the interview that Fuji made him slow down after he had switched from Canon. Which in-turn made him consider using film cameras for his personal work. Ted is an accomplished portrait and glamour photographer and produces some fine work for his wonderful commercial work, for which he still prefers to work with his Fuji's (X100T, X-Pro2 and the X-T2). But for his street photography he is enjoying his Leica M6 and Mamiya c330 out and about.  In the show you will see us compare printed images instead of the usual screen share. A new idea of mine, which I think really showed the quality of work that can be achieved with Film cameras.

So, I hope this show gives you a few pointers and if you haven't considered trying an 'old' film camera why not do so?... It might just open your eyes a little wider to the wonderful art of photography. 

Thanks Ted.

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Photography Live and Uncut episode no. 109 with Ted Vieira 

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I first came across Ted Vieira, whilst watching his You Tube channel. In those videos he talks about his photography especially about his recent switch to the Fuji X camera system. After 30 years as a pro jazz guitarist Ted Vieira changed careers and turned to photography . Since then he has built an extensive portfolio of work in glamour, portrait and boudoir genres. We talk about his music, his photography and the reasons why he switched to Fuji from Canon and what he has discovered. We also talk about printing; take a look at some of his prints and use the screen share to show more of his work. Also Ted shares his thoughts of what he likes to produce in his chosen field of work and how the work of Herman Leonard (photographer of Jazz performers) and Saul Leiter's, colour and mono photographs, have influenced him.

Thanks for joining me Ted.


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Nathan Elson, is a Canadian photographer based in Calgary Canada.

He talks candidly about how he got started in photography; of how he made the decision one day that that's what he wanted to do and with the support of his wife, he set out to accomplish that goal. We talk about his choice of camera gear that he uses for his commercial work; his working relationship with Fuji; his likes and dislikes of that system.

Unfortunately this episode was plagued with problems, for some reason the connection froze many times which meant me having to reconnect each time, so although totally out of my control, I apologise for that. So, for this reason I decided to cut the broadcast short! But, I'm happy to say that Nathan has agreed to join me for 'part two' on the 24th March, when we will pick up from where we were last. Especially as we will get a chance to see his work on the screen-share and I'll tell you, it is worth waiting for!

So until then 'Leave your camera bag at home'



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