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I was delighted that Mason Marsh joined me last week on Photography Live and Uncut.

He is a dedicated father, but with quite a few stories to tell from his early photo-journalist days. He now, is a photography educator of the highest standard and speaks quite candidly in this episode of The Arcanum, in which he has just stated to take 'apprentices' on for Sphere 3 - the first to do so. We talk about The Arcanum in detail of how this "Magical Mystery of photography learning" has developed in its process of learning, its value for money and the misnomer of it being a pyramid sale and yes, maybe, how it could be improved on.

Also in this episode we check out Mason's beautiful work via the screen share and talk about his preferred camera gear and why!

Thank you Mason for joining me on the show.


Until next time 'leave your camera bag at home!'



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