This week my guest was Doug Kaye who has been a regular co-host on TWIP with Frederick Van Johnson, and 'All about the Gear' for nearly three years and now in a new show he co-hosts 'Camera Labs' with Gordon Laing. That's not to mention his earlier careers in sound and lighting, cinematography and computer software!

Episode 104 : Doug Kaye

Episode 104 : Doug Kaye


He joined me shortly after his return from Cuba where he had held a photography workshop. In the new year he has a fully booked workshop in January and another in March (with a few places available) again both to Cuba.

Doug with his vast experience of cameras and lens gave some great insight into the camera systems available today but interestingly like a few other photographers I could mention has recently bought a 1966 Rolleiflex 2.8 - medium format camera. I think its great to see this film renaissance we are seeing today.

Going to the 'screen-share' we could see the creativity that Doug produces with his photographs. Always looking for the light. Such a simple thing to say, hard to see and understand at first, but once mastered is such an important aspect, especially in street photography, to use.

I hope you enjoy the show where so much is to learn from what Doug has to say.

Thanks Doug.




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Photography Live and Uncut episode 96 with A.D. Wheeler



I recently started a new show. "In My Opinion' is a contentious show where I talk about the things in photography that concern me! One of the shows was based on 'maybe Nikon and Canon have not been left behind' (like many think) and that their camera body designs are getting smaller to counter the mirrorless cameras. In my opinion Nikon and Canon are in actual fact on a proven path and a well thought out one not withstanding their huge lens stable. From that 'Vlog' AD made a comment, that the Sony mirrror-less system suited him and that using third party vintage lenses with that mirrorless camera had given him so much pleasure. (and saved him quite abit of money). This comment lead me to ask AD to join me again on Photography Live and uncut, as I was curious to know the whys and wherefores of using these types of lenses and what could be learnt from using them. A great and useful conversation to watch for those that might be considering to use vintage third party lenses.


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My non 'techy' - review


I took a short break from recording shows last week, mainly because I was busy project managing exhibition stands again. But I did something very unusual for me in that week. I bought a new camera which had only been released some two weeks before. Now, I have never done this before. I've always preferred to wait for the 'bugs' to be found in the early releases and firmware updates to be announced. But with Fuji it seems things are a little different and their new cameras coming to the market seem to be 'right' from the outset.

Yes I bought the Fuji X-T10. So I thought I'd do a user review rather than a 'techy' review. I'll leave the Technical reviews to the masters in that respect. No this review was of observations and using the camera plus (taking the plunge) showing some of my images SOOC (straight out of camera), in the the hope that if any photographers out there are considering whether to buy the X-T10 or not then this short show would be helpful to them.

Obviously I had to start with a description of the camera, its size being the most important point to make and as you will see it is just slightly smaller than my X100s and X-E1 bodies. Further comments worth noting here, that had to be made was the different layout of buttons and dials (ie. drive, AE-L and AF-L, plus the command wheels and function buttons - which I found to be ideal positioned), also the hidden (!) pop-up flash, the swivel screen and the bright LCD and viewfinder.

I was asked before the show if I could demonstrate the shutter noise! As you will know Fuji cameras are renowned for their quietness in Silent mode - this aspect is found in the menu but as I demonstrated it - It is silent you cannot here it - thats fantastic for street photographers. Also one question which I didn't ask in the show - as I missed the post because of my internet connection loss, was what focus settings do I use? Well the camera has three focusing selections on the front of the camera single continuous and manual focus. Generally, for me that is set to S for single focus: But in the menu of the camera you will find we have other options available now; Phase detect, Contrast Detect, Face detect, Mulit-area, Centre Selective, Single point, Tracking (which is very good) and Live view of course. Also for third party lenses or manual focusing you have the split screen option as well. I haven't had the time to test all of these options, but one thing I will say the X-T10 is very fast in any of the auto focus modes that I used and produces some very sharp images.

As I mentioned the drive button has been simplified with a knob to the left side of the top plate, where you can make easy access to continuos speed modes, bracketing, custom settings panorama use and double exposure with the standard setting for what I would consider as normal use. There is an Ev control dial of +3 to -3, an Auto switch (for programme mode), the speed dial, shutter release with a thread(!) and the video record button. I have reset my Fn (function) button to ISO settings and the front wheel to access the wifi connection. The Q button still exists which gives you access to a customised group of essential settings.

Overall this is really a neat camera, that takes exceptional images and as you will see from the show the images SOOC hardly need any major editing! 

So who would want to buy the Fujifilm X-T10? Well for my reasoning it was that, I couldn't wait any longer for the X-E3 which I'm led to believe might not be available till 2016! This would mean that my X-E1 will lose considerable value in that time. Others considering this camera would be the Fuji X-T1 or X-Pro1 user, who would like a light weight interchangeable back up camera and also those looking to switch out of DSLR to mirrorless but keeping to the 1.5 crop (if that is an issue for them) and not to 4/3,. All at an affordable price (X-T10 body only £499 with the XC 16-50mm £599!) Wow!

In my opinion The X-T10 is superb in its retro design, ease of use and production of quality images. I'm really pleased. Now I'm off out now to take some images!


I'm leaving my camera bag at home!

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