Photography Live and Uncut episode 96 with A.D. Wheeler



I recently started a new show. "In My Opinion' is a contentious show where I talk about the things in photography that concern me! One of the shows was based on 'maybe Nikon and Canon have not been left behind' (like many think) and that their camera body designs are getting smaller to counter the mirrorless cameras. In my opinion Nikon and Canon are in actual fact on a proven path and a well thought out one not withstanding their huge lens stable. From that 'Vlog' AD made a comment, that the Sony mirrror-less system suited him and that using third party vintage lenses with that mirrorless camera had given him so much pleasure. (and saved him quite abit of money). This comment lead me to ask AD to join me again on Photography Live and uncut, as I was curious to know the whys and wherefores of using these types of lenses and what could be learnt from using them. A great and useful conversation to watch for those that might be considering to use vintage third party lenses.


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Teresa Pilcher

Teresa Pilcher

Teresa Pilcher only got into street photographs a few short years back. Always interested in photography though, from a young age, it was joining The Arcanum and finding the right tool (for her) to use on the streets that finally photography-wise things slotted into line. We talk about her preferred camera gear - and she truly is a "one camera one lens" photographer - how much The Arcanum means to her and what it is had done to improve her photography. Plus we take a look at her images on her 'brand new website', from the fantastic cities she has visited and talk about her plans of cities she wants to visit next! Although she openly admits she doesn't really enjoy the travelling side. Her street photography is amazing with a real understanding and appreciation of light.

Thanks for joining me on Live and Uncut Teresa.





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