"Live and Uncut" - Episode #8 : Where does it all end?

It never ceases to amaze me nowadays the processes we have available to create art. Be that with the traditional methods of canvas, oils and paint or programs to edit photographs.












My guest this week was Sarah Jarrett. I have been following her work, which she has been posting regularly on Google+, for a little over a year now. I have been fascinated with her work and how she has created the published images that depict the English (Norfolk in this case) countryside at its best, be that of Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.

It has always been a question of mine when/where does Art finish and Photography start, and I think Sarah answered that for me - 'there is a clearly an overlap. One doesn't end and the other start'... But the main thing, that I wasn't expecting when our conversation started, was to learn that Sarah's fantastic work is created by  non-other than a mobile phone and edited on an iPad!

But its not just that simple. To create such work you have to have an eye. A thought process of what you'd like to create from a scene that you have taken. She openly admitted to making many many mistakes and Im sue that this has occurred for many artists around the world. there is a price hat the artist has to pay not only in time but also having to admit that what they have started is not going to work and there is nothing more that can be done than return to the drawing board (excuse the pun)!

What surprised me more was that Sarah's creations haven't be influenced by a named artist - although to be honest I feel that there are some from the 'old" the masters of art - but rather she feels she got more inspiration from her college peers. She was fascinated at what they were producing and realised that she too could do the same. Although she did admit to me of having a keen interest in the photographic work created by Chris Friel who is also on Google+.

Using a simple mobile phone camera with a decent sized Mb sensor the image from this is edited on her iPad using the many different Apps which are available (Sarah has kindly sent the details of which are listed below). These Apps either add a layer of texture or colour of a varying degree and style which brings subtle changes to the original photo'd image. By using this style she has created some stunning landscape scenes.

Her latest work though is more adventurous. After making a portrait of either herself or a close friends (with the mobile phone) she now adds coloured layers over the image which are then stripped away to create a modern art-styled image. 

I could go on describing her fascinating method of work. But suffice to say I think it would be easier for you to watch our interview and at the same time see her work via my Pinterest board. via this link here 


It just goes to show that you don't need big expensive cameras and a computer loaded with the latest expensive programs! 

Thank you Sarah for a thoroughly enjoyable "chat" on the 'Live and Uncut' show and I'm sure, viewers, you're going to enjoy the interview just as much and maybe get inspired yourself to try using just a mobile phone to take some photos and create some artwork with the use of your iPad and a few just Apps.


Till next time 'Leave you camera bag at home".


The show on YouTube is here:


And the links to the all important Apps she uses are here:

For texture in my Landscapes: Modern Grunge & DistressedFX
Really good App for adjusting lighting : Dynamic Light
Digital Painting on to Photos : Procreate & Artrage.
Art based experimentation with images: Glaze, iColorama, Repix

Links to Sarah Jarrett sites:
Website and Blog: http://sarahjarrettart.com/

You can Buy he Art here: 

Her Facebook Page is: 

And she adds - "I have a contact form on my website if anybody wants to get in touch".