I first came across Ted Vieira, whilst watching his You Tube channel. In those videos he talks about his photography especially about his recent switch to the Fuji X camera system. After 30 years as a pro jazz guitarist Ted Vieira changed careers and turned to photography . Since then he has built an extensive portfolio of work in glamour, portrait and boudoir genres. We talk about his music, his photography and the reasons why he switched to Fuji from Canon and what he has discovered. We also talk about printing; take a look at some of his prints and use the screen share to show more of his work. Also Ted shares his thoughts of what he likes to produce in his chosen field of work and how the work of Herman Leonard (photographer of Jazz performers) and Saul Leiter's, colour and mono photographs, have influenced him.

Thanks for joining me Ted.


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Live and uncut episode 88 with Ted Vieira.

The Ted Vieira Photography Website  -  The Ted Vieira Jazz site  -  Ted on You Tube  -  Ted on Google+

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photography Live and uncut episode 86 with Caleb Asch

Caleb Asch another fellow Arcanum apprentice first picked up a camera on the set of Star Wars IV in 1977, working as a technician on the set. The camera he used was a Nikkormat EL, which he was told, once belonged to Sonny Bono (part of the singing duo Sony and Cher).

Now a personal Yoga teacher - and has been for some 20 odd years - Caleb talks about how photography has become such an important part of his life after life's tribulations and maybe some soul searching, We show and talk about his beautiful work, (from cityscapes to landscapes), the Arcanum, his mentors, his appreciation of quality work and what getting out there taking photographs really means to him.

Thanks Caleb for joining me on Live and Uncut.




The Caleb Asch website

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Teresa Pilcher

Teresa Pilcher

Teresa Pilcher only got into street photographs a few short years back. Always interested in photography though, from a young age, it was joining The Arcanum and finding the right tool (for her) to use on the streets that finally photography-wise things slotted into line. We talk about her preferred camera gear - and she truly is a "one camera one lens" photographer - how much The Arcanum means to her and what it is had done to improve her photography. Plus we take a look at her images on her 'brand new website', from the fantastic cities she has visited and talk about her plans of cities she wants to visit next! Although she openly admits she doesn't really enjoy the travelling side. Her street photography is amazing with a real understanding and appreciation of light.

Thanks for joining me on Live and Uncut Teresa.





The Teresa Pilcher website

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In the last episode with Nathan Elson we had so many problems with internet connectivity we just had to stop the show.

Nathan kindly offered to return at a later. In this episode (Part 2) we take a look at his portfolio and projects. There is some stunning portrait work here for you to view. In addition we talk about what is great and what is not about the Fuji X system.

There are some interesting comments made by Nathan especially for studio workers, which we both know Fuji are always happy to listen to and take on board.


Thanks Nathan for finishing off what we started.






The Nathan Elson website

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Nathan on You Tube



If you're like me and think that to go on a wildlife safari or nature hunt you will need long lenses and zooms like a 400, 80-300 or 100-400mm then think again. I agree they will help you if you need to take shots from a distance but, in this episode you'll see the images and hear how they were created by Chris Weston, with just a 50mm lens. Yes that's right a 50mm lens.

Chris a longtime Nikon user has recently added the Fuji X system to his arsenal. Still preferring to use the Nikon on Safari due to the high sensor resolution that the Nikon D810 has, he talks about the Fuji X system and how close it is to the Nikon system. 

Chris Weston over the years has established himself as one of the worlds leading nature and wildlife photographers that has been largely built on his understanding of animal behaviour. He runs very successful workshop's for Safari and Nature photographers. Check out the images with me of Tigers, Lions, Elephants, migrating Wildebeest and Zebras and I'm sure you'll appreciate his fantastic work.

Thanks for joining me Chris.



The Chris Weston Website

Chris on Facebook

Chris on Twitter

Chris Weston on Flickr (The Photography workshop group)


The Educator




I was delighted that Mason Marsh joined me last week on Photography Live and Uncut.

He is a dedicated father, but with quite a few stories to tell from his early photo-journalist days. He now, is a photography educator of the highest standard and speaks quite candidly in this episode of The Arcanum, in which he has just stated to take 'apprentices' on for Sphere 3 - the first to do so. We talk about The Arcanum in detail of how this "Magical Mystery of photography learning" has developed in its process of learning, its value for money and the misnomer of it being a pyramid sale and yes, maybe, how it could be improved on.

Also in this episode we check out Mason's beautiful work via the screen share and talk about his preferred camera gear and why!

Thank you Mason for joining me on the show.


Until next time 'leave your camera bag at home!'



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Episode 82 with Mason Marsh via You Tube

 The Mason Marsh website plus all related links for images videos and workshops.

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I'm just a gear head!


Ad Wheeler joined me this week in episode 81, to talk about his photographic career. Little did I know that he was, shall we say, a late developer in this art form. His first love was music both as a DJ and as a guitarist! How many times have we heard that from my guests? 

So, we hear about his earlier career, his music and playing in a band and then after 30 years, his switch to photography and why.  At his own admission he is a gear head. He has always enjoyed finding how things work. Taking computers apart and building them, which came in handy later when he decided to adapt his Sony A55 to an infrared camera by fitting the 720Nm filter himself; and that's not for for the faint hearted! A Sony user from day one of his photographic journey, AD now enjoys experimenting with older lenses, on his A7 R's with the use of adapters. 


We see from the screen share his work, a portfolio of outstanding images, based on HDR and Infrared in Urban exploration. Now with the skills he has learnt, as a Master in the Arcanum, he shares his knowledge of photography with apprentices in his Cohort. On this subject we talk about The Arcanum and how we both share our passion for this concept of an old / new way of learning; its not just about photography, but of building a network of friends from around the world and yes, sometimes a little bit of soul searching as we the artist, strive to improve our work as we develop and move through the levels. 

Thanks AD.

Until next time 'Leave your camera bag at home'


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Photography Live and Uncut Episode 81 with AD Wheeler.

AD Wheeler website The Explorographer

Ad Wheeler shop with A GIFT FOR YOU use (see below)

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The AD Wheeler store :

Special code for your viewers for 20% off:  pguncut


Nathan Elson, is a Canadian photographer based in Calgary Canada.

He talks candidly about how he got started in photography; of how he made the decision one day that that's what he wanted to do and with the support of his wife, he set out to accomplish that goal. We talk about his choice of camera gear that he uses for his commercial work; his working relationship with Fuji; his likes and dislikes of that system.

Unfortunately this episode was plagued with problems, for some reason the connection froze many times which meant me having to reconnect each time, so although totally out of my control, I apologise for that. So, for this reason I decided to cut the broadcast short! But, I'm happy to say that Nathan has agreed to join me for 'part two' on the 24th March, when we will pick up from where we were last. Especially as we will get a chance to see his work on the screen-share and I'll tell you, it is worth waiting for!

So until then 'Leave your camera bag at home'



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Photography Live and Uncut : Episode no 80 with Nathan Elson

The website for Nathan Elson

Nathan on Twitter

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As many of you will know, I am a dedicated member of The Arcanum, 'the' school of photography learning which was created by Trey Ratcliff, Peter Giordano and Curtis Simmons. Over the last year or so I have had the privilege of interviewing many of the masters and apprentices associated with this wonderful community.

So it came as a great surprise when it was proposed that my show could be 'host-jacked' to interview, me! My fellow apprentices in Sphere 2 had got together unbeknown to me to suggest this. I had an inkling that something was afoot as I had seen some conversation but anyway the show went ahead.

It was strange to answer the questions that I readily ask to my guests. In the show you'll find out a little bit of me and my photography background; What I like to shoot; My thoughts on camera clubs; How and why the Photography Live and Uncut show started and also, yes, my involvement and passion for The Arcanum. 

Thanks Bruce Clement for stepping up to the plate and to host this show, I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly did and hope you do too (the viewer) watching this via the links below.

"leave your camera bag at hime"

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Photography Live and Uncut : Episode 79

The Arcanum

Photography Live and Uncut Episode no 78 with Hengki Koentjoro

Working with the zone system.

This week I was joined by Hengki Koentjoro who I have been following for some time on 500px and Google+ ... Hengki hails from Jarkata, Indonesia where he has ample opportunities to create his stunning Mono work. He openly admits that the work by Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna have been a huge influence on his work.

From an early age of 11 using just a Kodak Instamatic camera photography has been his passion. Through school and college he always had a camera with him, taking portraits and general photographs of interest. He was so passionate about his photography that he really wanted to make it as a full time professional, but, he knew that he could never tell his parents as they would have insisted that he look for a more stable vocation! From School and College Hengki got a scholarship to attend the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California where he studied photography and video production.

The course lasted three years but Hengki stayed for another 7, developing his photography and video skills. He later returned to Jakarta where he now works on a video production team and has the opportunity to build his portfolio, create books and also participate in his other passion of Skuba Diving. 

His latest book 'Monohydra' has been created (Link below) after a suggestion made by a publisher to produce a book in mono of the underwater world of coral, and fish that tie in his two passions, demonstrating Hengki's photographic eye.

To date Hengki has produced two books and his prints are highly sort after. He is represented by Galleries in Amsterdam, california and Tokyo.

Thanks for joining me on the show Hengki.

Unitil next time 'Leave your camera bag at home"


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Photography Live and Uncut with Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki on Google+

Hengki on Facebook

Hengki on 500px

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MonoHydra by Hengki Koentjoro