Photography Live and Uncut episode 99 with Scott Bourne




My second guest for this week was Scott Bourne. Not only known for his Bird Photography but also for podcasting, mentoring, workshop and what I didn't realise motor racing! He raced at the age of 14 even before he had a driving license. Having raced all type of cars from 'stock' to 'open-wheel' (Formula GP in UK terms) and an attempt at rallying, he found the relative peace of taking photographs of birds after a short career in portrait and wedding photography work. Scott has been involved with photography for over 40 years and was one of the first to realise the potential of websites and media podcasting. An entertaining show that I trust you will be interested to watch plus checking out his fantastic photography.

Until Next time Leave your camera bag at home...

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Photography Live and uncut episode 99 with Scott Bourne

The Scott Bourne website

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Photography Live and Uncut episode 98 with Patrick La Roque

Patrick La Roque was my guest on Episode 98. Another musician who made the switch to photography. We talk about that transition how social media has helped Patrick develop his photographic business and the decision to switch from Nikon to Fujifilm. It was the x100 that originally caught his eye - The X-Pro1 and X-T1 were to follow plus the latest X-Pro2... He hopes to start using the X-T2 soon. All his work now is made exclusively with the Fujifilm X system preferring to uses prime lenses plus the odd zoom lens like the 10-24mm. Patrick has also created the Kage Collective a site which of eight Fuji users from around the world that submit essay and work usually to a set theme - a site well worth a visit if you are a photographer 'geek' like me!

Until next time - Leave your camera bag at home.

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Photography Live and Uncut with Patrick La Roque 

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The Kage Collection

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Photography Live and Uncut episode 97 with Mary Presson Roberts




Mary sent me an email a few months back requesting whether there was a chance she could be a guest on my show? I think its great when I get such emails and I have had a few. It just so happened that when I received this email I was crammed with a full schedule of guests. But a slot came available and I was delighted when Mary said she could make it.

Mary Presson Roberts has been a teacher for over 30 years and recently took up photography and steadily worked through workshops, The Arcanum and mentoring courses on Google+ to a stage now where she can look forward to a new career in teaching photography when she retires from main stream teaching. 

Until next time Leave your camera bag at home.

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Photography Live and Uncut episode 97 with Mary Presson Roberts

Mary's website

Mary on Google+

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Photography Live and Uncut episode 96 with A.D. Wheeler



I recently started a new show. "In My Opinion' is a contentious show where I talk about the things in photography that concern me! One of the shows was based on 'maybe Nikon and Canon have not been left behind' (like many think) and that their camera body designs are getting smaller to counter the mirrorless cameras. In my opinion Nikon and Canon are in actual fact on a proven path and a well thought out one not withstanding their huge lens stable. From that 'Vlog' AD made a comment, that the Sony mirrror-less system suited him and that using third party vintage lenses with that mirrorless camera had given him so much pleasure. (and saved him quite abit of money). This comment lead me to ask AD to join me again on Photography Live and uncut, as I was curious to know the whys and wherefores of using these types of lenses and what could be learnt from using them. A great and useful conversation to watch for those that might be considering to use vintage third party lenses.


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Photography Live and Uncut with A.D. Wheeler

The AD Wheeler website - The Expolorographer

Photography Live and Uncut episode 95 with Ron Clifford




My guest in episode 95 is Ron Clifford. Ron is synonymous with the development of The Arcanum. He was originally an Artist had 'dabbled ' with a camera from time to time but at a defining moment in hospital when being asked 'when were you the most happy.?" he replied, despite his deep love of producing art, 'when I had a camera!' - From that day on he immersed himself in photography, teaching, creative mentoring and producing his own work. Today Ron is heavily involved with the development of the unique learning experience of The Arcanum. Watch this show to learn a little more about how this wonderful community operates, its values advantages and what is in-store for the future!

Until next time - Leave your camera bag at home.



Photography Live and Uncut episode 94 with Sean Perry



I first came across Sean Perry whilst watching a lecture he gave on You Tube. His approach to photography was so interesting with his work in Fine art photography, that I knew I just had to have him join me on the show. In Photography Live and Uncut Episode no. 94, I talk to Sean about his career and how it developed from being a regular musician to switching to photography and later applying himself to lecturing and teaching photography at his local College. Plus we take a look of his work in screen-share. I hope you enjoy the show. 

Until next time - Leave your camera bag at home.


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Photography Live and Uncut episode no 94

The Sean Perry website 

Sean Perry on Instagram




In episode 93, I was delighted to welcome Derrick Story as my guest. Derrick who hosts his own show The Digital Story chatted to me about how he got into photography, his passion for writing from an early age and how reading Ernest Hemingway has been so influential on the photographs he takes. Derrick also talks at length about his new passion for analogue photography, by testing many different cameras and films, especially out of date film, with the intention of publishing a book in the near future on this genre. Can't wait for that!


Until next time - Leave your camera bag at home.


Photography Live and uncut with Derrick Story

The Derrick Story website

Derrick on Flickr

Derrick on Facebook

Derrick on Instagram 

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Joel Tjintjelaar joined me for episode 92. Joel is renowned for his Cityscapes and long exposure and editing work. Always looking to find and create new ideas in his artwork Joel discussed his new venture Subjectivism. Interestingly he always wanted to be an architect but qualified in 'criminal law'! Hearing him talk through examples of his work is quite enlightening as we screen shared his wonderful long exposure cityscapes. 

Until next time - Leave your camera bag at home.

Photography Live and Uncut with Joel Tjintjelaar

The Joel Tjintjelaar website.

Joel on Facebook and BWVision on Facebook

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In this weeks episode I'm joined by Tomash. Born in Gdansk, Poland Tomash now resides in Switzerland where as a professional concert pianist he now follows his other passion of photography. He has recently set up the website blog and magazine called FujiLove. We talk extensively about this major interest in his life and how he is looking to develop this exciting project further. In addition we look at his own work and that is very interesting too.


Photography Live and Uncut with Tomash

The Tomash website

Tomash on Facebook 

Tomas on Twitter 

The FujiLove Blog


Two for the price of One.




It was a delight to talk to Faye and Trevor on Photography Live and Uncut. This duo have been together since Faye joined the Yerbury studio as a stylist and beauty assistant in the 80's. Both are acclaimed Honourable Fellowships of the Royal Photographic society and have won many other awards and competitions.

Trevor is a fourth generation photographer serving an apprenticeship from his father from the grass roots up. Faye learnt her photograph skills from her husband, Trevor, when he realised that she had potential as a photographer. Trevor's family are steeped in photography (his grandfather photographed both George VI and Charles de Gaulle!) The Yerbury studio was an established wedding photography business, but Trevor hankered to create work like his Grandfather to photograph the nude. From making that decision his work has gone from strength to strength. You will see from the screen share the outstanding work by Trevor (and Faye for that fact), in this genre. Plus you will realise from the conversation we had, their passion to pass on their knowledge to would-be students of photography in their unique style of intimate workshops.

Both are recognised ambassadors of Fuji X-photographers (Trevor with the X-Pro2 and Faye with the X-T1).

Thanks Faye and Trevor for joining me.


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Photography Live and Uncut with Faye and Trevor Yerbury

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