A friendly target set.

Last night talking street photography with some of my Arcanum friends namely Susan, Ugo and Michael on a Google+ hangout, we got onto the subject of crossing the line, to ask a stranger to pose for a street portrait. For me this has been a very difficult line to cross. I suppose it has been the fear of being rejected, the fear of hearing 'no thank you'. Well our conversation continued on this subject for a little while and the general consensus was, that it wasn't easy and sometimes for some people even though they can get the street portrait, it will never come any easier to ask for the opportunity to take one. We discussed many approaches, how to strike up a conversation, what a lovely hat, what lovely hair etc etc. and then to ask the inevitable question 'Do you mind if I take your photograph?'. One of our group, despite her apparent shyness didn't find this a problem at all, she just simply walked up to a person struck up a conversation then went ahead and asked the question. So hearing this I said right if 'Susan can do it so can I!' We all laughed.. then Susan asked me 'you going out tomorrow Paul?' "Yes I replied."   She then said 'go get 5 tomorrow, 3 if you feel uncomfortable.'

So I did.

And I crossed the line!

You know its not that hard... Generally people will say 'Yes OK', I got one refusal from a shy couple but by then it didn't matter, I had my 5 images that Susan had set and a sixth and seventh (wow!), followed shortly afterward for me, to end on a high note.

So thank you guys especially my 'shy gal' from Tennessee - Susan, who helped me over the line. You know sometimes you just need a little encouragement a target set and a go-get positive with yourself attitude, whilst being friendly as you make the approach of course.

Thanks Guys.